Family Medicine Associates of South Attleboro

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How do I get a referral to a specialist?

Your primary care physician (or "PCP") can manage most problems. However, there may be some issues that require referral to a specialist. Once your PCP evaluates your problem, a decision can be made regarding referral to a specialist. We expect our patients to be seen by their doctor prior to requesting a referral. If you choose to see a specialist without a referral, we cannot guarantee that a backdated referral will be given.

How do I get medication refills?

We ask for at least five days' notice to refill prescriptions. This allows for days that your doctor may not be in the office, and ensures that you will not run out of your medications at the last minute. The best option is to ask your pharmacy to send us an electronic or faxed refill request. An alternate option is to send us a request through the patient portal. Finally, you can call the office and leave a message on the refill line.

What is the patient portal, and I how do I register?

The patient portal is an excellent, confidential way for you to communicate with your doctor and the office. Through the portal you can view lab results, update your medical information, request medication refills, schedule appointments, and send messages to your doctor. In order to register for the portal, you will need to call and request a PIN (personal identification number) from the office. You can then click on the gold "Online Patient Portal Access" tab on the home page of this website, and follow the registration instructions.

How do I reach a physician when the office is closed?

Our physicians work to take care of you and your family 24 hours a day. We have office hours that extend into the evening and on Saturday morning. However, if you feel that you need to speak with a doctor urgently when the office is closed, you can call the office and leave a message with our answering service and the “on call” doctor will contact you. This service is provided for urgent matters only. Routine issues such as prescription refills, referrals and simply medical advice should be addressed during office hours. If you have a true medical emergency, we always recommend that you call 911.

How can I get a copy of my medical records sent to another physician?

We can forward all or a portion of your medical records to another physician or provide you with a copy. You will need to sign a medical record request form through our office or from the requesting physician. We will then provide the records on a CD. The charge for the records is $20.00 in accordance with Massachusetts law, MGL Chapter 111, Section 70.

My doctor says I need a test or to see a specialist and she will be “keeping me in the network”. What does this mean?

Our physicians are in the Steward Health Care Network. Being part of a large and growing healthcare network (comprising hospitals, primary care physicians and specialists) allows us to deliver high quality, cost efficient care to our patients. In order to participate in the network, we strive to refer our patients to other Steward Health Care Network physicians. We may also ask you to have your tests done at certain locations. This allows us to get the test results and correspond with your specialist more quickly than if you go outside of the network.